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Sept-Oct. 2013/ Ireland & Florida

October 31st, 2013 Posted in 2013, Florida, Ireland

Papi went back to Ireland on his annual golf trip, and this time we played a few new courses, Port Rush, which is unbelievably spectacular.  We also played the Island Club, Cork Country Club, Mount Juliet and returned to Old Head.   The daily schedule is:  tee time at 10 a.m., pub time at 3 p.m., dinner time at 7 p.m and pub time at 10 p.m.    It gives you a true understanding of how 4 million Irish people (that includes every man, woman and child) can costume 2 million pints of Guiness per day (and other beers and alcohol does exist in Ireland).   It was great to see Clark, Quinn, Dave, Tom, Andrew, Rick, Ron, Johnny and Brian once again.  We stayed in Youghal  (see July/August 2011) at Aherne’s once again, and Johnny was the consummate host.   On this trip, we mixed in a day of riding up the river and eventually, we have to combine some fishing with the golfing in Ireland.

Back in US, Rowan continued to work on his golf, and he actually made and contributed to the Varsity team this year.  He has to move up to a more competitive tour, which will be challenging for him over the next couple of years.  Jay is busy applying to colleges and running on the Cross Country team.   He is looking forward to the 2nd semester of his senior year, which is probably one of the most enjoyable and carefree times in life.   We are planning a big trip to the Galapagos for Christmas.

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