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March/April 2003/Goa

April 26th, 2003 Posted in 2003, Goa

We know many of you are tired of looking at ski photos in June, but we have been hard pressed to keep up the site. April was the beginning of the SAR’s crisis in Asia. Sareet actually went to Hong Kong at the end of March/early April for the Rugby Seven’s and saw old friends, now old men Del and Jimmy. We figured we did not need to wear masks, since everyone else already was. Wonder what the World Health Organization would say about that. Seriously, this situation has received a lot of attention worldwide, but when you are living in the community, it does not seem as bad as CNN would make it out to be.

Rajjina, Grandma, Mimi and the kids went to Goa, a former Portuguese colony on the East Coast of India, for Spring break. Rajjina was particularly busy furnishing the condo there. The boys learned to play carom, had fun at the beach, and Jay especially relished the fresh seafood. They all had fun visiting the spice farms, seemingly the same ones that Columbus was looking for 500 years ago.

We also added a new member to our family, Sonia. She was a street dog that was being rehabilitated at a local vet’s office. Rowan has been pushing for this, since the day he started talking, and Papi finally relented and ended his two year long filibuster, and we had a family vote. She has been a wonderful very playful puppy. The month finished out with Sareet taking a short trip to the US. He was able to meet some of his old high school friends for a Hooter’s lunch. We will try to update a bit more timely, and Sareet is currently learning Imovie, which should allow for some interesting video clips.

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