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March 2002/Taipei

March 26th, 2002 Posted in 2002, Taipei

Rowans Spring Dance

March started out with Sareet stopping to visit some friends at Whistler on his way back from Tampa to Taiwan. Rajjina took a Tai Tai (wife only) trip to Vietnam. Hanoi must be very dark at night, because Rajjina and her fellow tai tai’s seem to have brought back all of Vietnam’s lamps. They do look good in our house though.

The kids stayed at home and spent their Spring Break by celebrating Holi (an Indian Spring festival where everyone throws colored water on you) and Easter hunting for colored eggs.  It would have been more efficient if we took the white eggs to the Holi festival the day before.  Rowan managed to dance through it all (See Video). We also took care of the Johnson’s wonderful dog Millie for the vacation.

Rajjina’s Mom, Pat, has arrived to see the kids and escape the heat of Delhi. The kids will be completely spoiled next month when Sareet’s Mom, Amy, and Lata Tatee also arrive.  Two grandmas and two aunts; the boys will have a blast.

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